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Bill and Molly Cirksena Nutcracker Dear Tommy,

I cannot speak highly enough for the exquisite work you did for us repairing my nutcracker. It is impeccable. He still stands as brand new as the day we got him. I can never thank you enough!

Who would know that it would be the last memory I would have of my visit with my brother before his death? So because of your wonderful talent and ability I feel my brother is always here, sharing the Christmas holiday eternally with us. Thank you again.


Bill and Molly Cirksena

Nutcracker Fiberglass Repair & Paint Job Photos

That Les Paul is better than a factory finish!! I just call them like I see them, and looked at all the "trouble" spots usually found on guitar finishes, you had no trouble with those areas, no trouble. Really a professional job on your part Tommy. After seeing some of your other work, I really wasn't surprised to see top shelf work on everything. Good job!

Larry Urie I’d like to also mention the custom pick guard you made for my 1952 Fender Telecaster. Never have I seen this done until seeing it on your 52 Telecaster. When asking and you replying, "Want me to make you one" I was stunned! To know of the three remaining LP's you had, side 1 of Wichita Lineman I had to have. Thank you again, Tommy

Larry Urie

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center 2013 to present, Guitars
Larry Urie Playing Taylor Acoustic

PRS Guitars Administrating Director National/International Sales and Marketing 1991 – 2012 Stevensville, Maryland
"When looking for someone to do a Restoration and Awlgrip paint job on my Wright Allied XL-2, there were two people whose work I was familiar with that I respected. One of them had moved his operation some distance away and the other was no longer doing that sort of work and could not be persuaded to do just one more job no matter how profitable it was likely to be. Thus it came down to me and the phone book. Many people expressed a willingness to exchange funds for a Restoration and paint job, but Tommy's ad conveyed the impression that he knew what he was about. So, I called him and we agreed to meet at the boat and talk about the task."

"Less than 20 minutes into that conversation I knew I wanted him to do the job. His approach to the task was extremely orderly and quietly displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of the products involved and techniques of application. When Tommy, in a few instances, was less than confident in the behavior of a product or process that was either new or changed since he had last used it, he was very quick to make that known and to pin down an answer usually within 48 hours."

"One knows, when embarking on such a major refit, that the job will only get larger as it progresses. This one certainly did that but Tommy maintained an unfailing sense of integrity throughout. Never once did I feel that he was seeking to run the bill up needlessly. In as much as he was working many more hours than I spent at the yard, he was the one who discovered many of the unforeseen items that really needed to be touched to do a proper job. There would always be a set of suggestions of approach to these incidents, a good many of which actually lowered the net cost of the job. It is a safe bet that all of them conspire to lower the costs of future maintenance. It will never be cheaper to do something while everything around it is already in pieces. Furthermore, it is unlikely that I'll ever have to touch many of these items as long as I own the vessel. By his personal choice, Tommy also maintains a pace of work, day after day, that would lay most people for waste by noon, on day one. This is directly reflected both in the reduced time billed and in an earlier completion of the job which gets one where he belongs sooner--back on the water."

Duryea D. (Budd) Gray III
Duryea D. (Budd) Gray III
June 3, 1940 - July 16, 2011

"For thence,-a paradox
Which comforts while it mocks,-
Shall life succeed in that it seems to fail:
What I aspired to be,
And was not, comforts me:
A brute I might have been, but would not sink
i’ the scale."

Rabbi Ben Ezra by Robert Browning

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42 Wright Allied Yawl Rig (Sparkman-Stevens design) Hull 22 Job Photos
"I think that one of the greatest strengths you bring to your restoration business is your ability to listen to what your customers are saying with words, and what they are not saying, out loud. You seem to understand not just the mechanics of the work that is needed, but the motivation behind getting the work done - this is not always as simple as it may seem.

You appear to understand your projects in greater detail and at much higher levels than just "got to fix the boat". Daddy was so proud to have you work on Shade Tommy which all of us could see. When he spoke of Shade your name always came along with the any comments he shared during Shades restoration and well after. I think that this is a reason you are able to turn out such stellar results in your work. And in my experience your work is nothing short of stellar.

Thank you Tommy for making Dads final days with Shade memorable ones!"

Liz Hunziker
Custom Publishing
"I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Tommy in Philadelphia and hear the tale of the fall and rise of the XL42. Budd Gray, who I sold the boat to, invited me to see the work you accomplished. As the original owner of Argonaut, which is now Shade, I was amazed to see the Yawl in this most pristine condition. The boat is in better shape than when I took delivery in 1976. The superb craftsmanship above and below deck, plus the most amazing Awlgrip finish, made it almost impossible to believe the boat sustained the massive damage of sinking in the Chesapeake."

"It is most refreshing to meet a craftsman who works with his hands, head and his heart."

Art Friedman
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

More about the refit of Shade
42 Wright Allied Yawl Rig (Sparkman-Stevens design) Hull 22 Job Photos
Tommy, Just a note to say how much we at Moose Boats appreciated your efforts for the work done on the Anne Arundel County Emergency Response Boat. Keeping this craft in active service, is of utmost importance. Not only was your work of the highest quality, but we and the County, appreciated your organizing the job, so as to minimize the boat being "out-of-service" any longer than necessary.

Thanks Tommy, for a job well done.

Roger Fleck
Moose Boats
Moose Boats

Anna Arundel Co. Rescue 41 Job Photos

Anna Arundel Co. Rescue 41 Docked Roger,

Perhaps it is I which should offer words of thanks, and for many reasons as I’ll explain. One, trusting my abilities to deliver a product implemented on a vessel used for the safety of our Chesapeake Bay residents, and tourist alike. The added safety knowing these guys are just a ‘mic click’ away eases that "what if" factor most of us think about when headed out on the water. Yet the added weight this request carried along with it increased my state of awareness knowing the only game was the "A" game at play please know.

Secondly, ‘privileged’ came to mind (coupled perhaps with a dash of pride) knowing as I neared completion I missed no turns, lights, or markers; (figuratively speaking of course). Once complete, many of the A.A. County folks offered words of thanks which only then did I rest knowing the job was now complete. For this, thank you.

Anna Arundel Co. Rescue 41 In Action

Not long afterwards Ron, a neighbor and I, stood watching a rescue in progress. The gal for which this recue took place turned out to be okay, thankfully. However, the same privileged and pride I just spoke of returned savoring the experience. As if in a movie created around agonizing drama, Holiday Point Marina experienced a Spring fire in dry marsh grass. Here too this pride returned once again as the flames intensity lessoned as we all watched an approximated 80’ to 100’ stream of water calm a destructive fire and its devastating effects. Knowing I was a small insignificant part of something larger helping others, helped me.

Again Roger, thank you! Tommy Solomon
Tommy, thank you so much for the recent repairs made to Anne Arundel County’s new Emergency Response Boat, the "Arundel Patriot". The repairs were made in a timely fashion, with very little advanced notice. What stood out to me was your proactive communication throughout the process. Each and every day we received a correspondence from you indicating the progress of the repair, and when we could expect to have this life saving vessel placed back into service.

Your communication with the client is like nothing I have ever witnessed prior, and speaks volumes as to the level of customer service your clients can expect. Furthermore, your attention to detail and knowledge base is impressive to say the very least. Unlike pleasure boating, we have to go when called upon, and our deployments are "No Fail Missions". I have every bit of confidence your repairs were made to the exacting standards we expect. We knew we were in good hands from the beginning of the process until the end! Once again, many thanks.

Sgt. Jeff Fratantuono #1001
Anne Arundel County Police
Special Operations Section
Commander, Marine Unit
Anne Arundel County Maryland

Anna Arundel Co. Rescue 41 Job Photos
"Tommy installed 3 foot hull extensions on my Seawind 1000 catamaran in the fall of 2004. He worked quite diligently on the job and provided me email /images almost every day. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is that knowledgeable people when examining the extensions cannot find where the old hull ended and the new begins."

Howard Lieberman
Seawind 1000 "XL"

Seawind 1000 Catamaran Hull Extensions Job Photos
"Do you love your boat? We certainly love ours. In addition, the proof is in the selection that we made as to who should work with us to bring her back to life. As boat owners, we have seen the hacks, the amateurs, and countless marine barbarians. Our boat matters to us as much as a beloved pet, and having her restored was a serious investment for us ~ much like a piece of art or a real estate holding. We’ve learned in this life that if you want to feel good about receiving the best value for your investment - you do your research: you ask around and then you hire the best.

Tommy not only brought our boat back to better-than-new-condition, he did it as only a top pro can do. We received, via email, daily photos and detailed work progress reports! Tommy called us at least once a week to discuss with us the options open to us as the job progressed. We made the decisions, Tommy made the corrections. We at no time were ever out of financial control on the project. Tommy informed us in great detail as to the necessary hardware, paints, chemicals etc. This level of professionalism is sadly very rare in the marine restoration business these days.

We slept easily knowing that our boat was in Tommy’s care. From project inception through to completion, Tommy had her in his care from start to finish. Moreover, when the restoration was finished, he hauled her from Annapolis, MD, to Seattle, WA, to deliver her to us, all 3078 miles, safely!

We sail our boat on Lake Washington in Seattle and draw constant stares as we pilot the new prettiest girl in town!"

Lisa and Steven Brown Happy Sailing
Lisa and Steven Brown
Seattle Washington

More about this cross country adventure
S-2 6.8 Exciter re-core/paint/Seattle delivery Job Photos
Robert J. Adams
Chairman Adams Chevrolet

November 17, 2010

Mr. Tommy Solomon
Solomon Yacht Repair
P.O. Box 1177
Edgewater, MD 21037

Dear Tommy,
I have been around the auto and marine business for a long time and it is rare to find a person with the dedication to their profession like you have. Thanks for the great job on "Sundowner". I was impressed and I appreciate the care and professionalism with which you approached, repaired, and completed the job. Also, your follow-up reports and photos made me feel like I was there with you. Thanks again for a great job.
Very truly yours,

Actual Letter
"I discovered Solomon, 40, and his high-quality workmanship as he was restoring my friend's older 42-foot Sparkman & Stephens yawl. A talented boat restorer and former Bering Sea and Grand Banks commercial fisherman, Solomon's business motto is "Totally destroyed to totally restored".

"Bud Gray's once-lovely yawl, Shade, had sunk at her slip a couple winters ago and languished for a time; Solomon brought the boat back to life. I kept an eye on Solomon and admired his abilities, driven by a passion for perfection I have seldom witnessed."

For full article go here.

Jack Sherwood
Senior writer for Soundings, Annapolis, Md.
Soundings Online:
Tommy, I sincerely wish to offer thanks in assisting and coordinating the repairs of my Hinckley. This roll-over damage was far beyond my mind’s eye. Your effective problem solving and organizing skills with other subs keeping the project moving helped me do my job abroad and cant thank you enough. The fiberglass and paint work you did was outstanding and have no idea how you blended this all together. After jumping off the plane yesterday the first thing I did was drive over to the boat. What a shocker and could not believe my eyes. My wife and Son in law shared in this experience feeling as I. Gary said, "What side was it?" I had to laugh.

Hinckley 42 Repair Before and After

What I also found interesting and out of the ordinary from those in the marine trades, email every evening informing me of what work was finished for the day with corresponding pictures, many of them! Quickly I realized the better choice in contractors was made when daily communications of this project started to roll in. Our lives are based around the water here and have never seen anyone in this business so well informed in his trade. You’re a very talented man Tommy in many ways and hopeful you can use this on your web site for others to see.

Please extend many thanks to Mike Spicer for his wonderful work on the teak toe rail. This is another area we are pressed to find the scarf joint. And the same to Andy Anderson for the top-side wash and wax, great job. Looks like you have surrounded your self with competent and like-minded people.

Our sail north for home was peaceful and very relaxing. A 20 minute squall off Long Island was exciting and soon subsided. We have a family outing next weekend with a few friends along for the ride and will head off shore for the day. It’s getting late Tommy and hope we can stay in touch. Thank you once again.

Hinckley 42
Charles Tripe
Westport Point, Ma.

Hinckley 42 roll-over on the hard Job Photos
25 January, 2012
Mr. Solomon

Dear Tommy,

Thank you for the first rate job you did in recently restoring the painting made in acrylic "ELR Block D" from the important California artist Ronald Davis.

To properly complete this task on a 40 year old work of art in plastics from another time and another technology of materials required a range of very specific skills. The materials portion required identifying a current material to meld most appropriately with the original chemistry as well as correct pigment mixes to most accurately match with the original, without altering the result the artist achieved. The execution of this required the additional sense of delicate hand and a very accurate eye. You took the added step of the scholarship in your research of the artist and his work to insure each of these parts of the process would be correct. You brought this complex and varied skill set to the successful completion of the restoration.

Thank you again for your efforts and attention to this project. Your achievement is evident in the seamless appearance of the restored original.


Mark Myers, President, Atalntic Arts Inc. Mark Myers
President, Atlantic Arts Inc. Fine Art
1851 McGuckian St
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-263-2554
Fax: 410-263-2554

Artwork Restoration Job Photos
Sea Scout Ship 1009
Dear Tommy Solomon,

It’s been a quick/fun summer for Sea Scout Ship 1009, but without your fantastic workmanship and speed we couldn't have enjoyed it as much. Every year our adults and Sea Scouts work on our three boats to get them ready for the season’s hard work on the Chesapeake. With our first big cruise with the kids coming up we were about to put our flagship sailboat "Man O Ray" in the water when we noticed the rudder was damaged. Because of the extent, the location of the freeze damage and the high cost of repair, we thought we had lost this boat for the season. Luckily a close friend mentioned the wonderful jobs he had seen you do with fiberglass and gel-coat repair and told me to call you. After showing you the rudder and telling you about our Scout Troop, you took it and repaired it in one day, to our amazement! The rudder looked brand new and was faired out so well no one who saw it before could believe the speed and precision of your repair!! After saving our summer and offering to help out our Sea Scout Troop with your valuable time during peak season, we can’t say it enough, THANK YOU Tommy!!! You have our business and anyone else we can send to you, forever! It was a blast meeting you and hopefully we can help you one day when you need it!

Kemp Dawson,
Adult Committee Chairman
Sea Scout Ship 1009
Sea Scout Ship 1009

Kemp, thank you so much for the kind words. The privilege was all mine and enjoyed doing what I could to help the kids get on the water this year. I felt this was a time to give something back as I too was a scout. Though in a much different geographic setting nestled in the Appalachian’s, a scout is still a scout. I think what you and the others do helping the kids grow in life is well worth my time. Again thank you very much Kemp.

Tommy Solomon
Tommy, all the work you did on my Rinker was fantastic! The damage to the port side of my 342 was sickening and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what was possible when it came to a repair. In your estimate you mentioned over 120 gouges in the gelcoat and fiberglass … I’d bet there were actually even more. As part of my decision process, I solicited multiple quotes. I actually got your name from 2 friends who said "… you have to speak to Tommy Solomon, he is the best…" When I received your estimate, although pricier than the others, it was by far the most detailed and explained EXACTLY what you were going to do with materials you were going to use and how you were going to use them.

Most boat owners have varying degrees of knowledge and ability to work on their boats, but I’d venture a guess that very few truly understand what is involved in repairing and restoring the outside structure. It was comforting to me to see the detail and understand that you really "knew your stuff". Once you got started (immediately I might add), your daily picture updates to me with progress showing exactly what you were doing was reassuring. This was probably the best part of the experience and never left in the dark. As I said above the end product is fantastic, (and the repaired gouge on the starboard side that has been there since I bought the boat was a nice touch). You have my recommendations!

Chuck Ott Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee Repair

Tommy, you are truly passionate about what you do and again, thanks for the hard work!


Chuck Ott
Vice President and Practice Leader,
Life Sciences and Travel, Media & Entertainment
Merkle Inc.
Office: 443-542-4729
Mobile: 410-703-3604

Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee Job Photos
Just a few words about general repairs and significant gel coat damage inflicted during the 2012 MD Western shore derecho. I believe that in the work estimate, Tommy stopped counting at 70 individual areas of gel coat damage, ranging from superficial to abysmal. Some gouged areas were well into the fiberglass reinforced plastic sub-straight on the port side. We were sickened at the extent of damage, never expecting a better than new finished product to be possible.

Larson Cabrio 33 Repair

The gel coat repairs to the hull of our Larson Cabrio were nothing short of astonishing. Everybody wants to know who did the work, they now know. Tommy even repaired and gel coated the entire perimeter of the swim platform not on the original damage report. Tommy’s incomparable hardware related work involved: straightening and re-bedding 30 foot of bow rail, replacing port windows, installing rub rail inserts, polishing scratches from the stainless striker or rub-rail and repairing gouges on our aluminum radar arch. Even the follow up detailing work was remarkable, yielding a spotless helm and deck matched with an outstanding gloss on the 9 year old hull not thought achievable. We are confident that he improved the value of our investment.

Nearly as important and as invaluable as his accomplishments, his approachable demeanor was a refreshing compliment to a rare level of expertise and artistry. This is not his work, it is his passion. We truly appreciated his effort and achievements.

Larson Cabrio 33, South River
Hi Tommy

Just a note to say a big THANK YOU for the great job on my rudder… The lumpy sail from Annapolis to Solomon’s Island gave me a lot of confidence and I’m planning to set off to the Bahamas next week. I sent some of your photos to my expert mates in Australia and they agree that your approach was top notch … and no shortcuts!!!

Maureen Dobson Halmatic 30 Rudder Rebuild

Incidentally, I really liked these "progress" photos and that you kept me updated on everything… So refreshing compared to my other boatyard experiences.


Maureen Dobson
Halmatic 30, UK 1981
SV Pandura, Sydney Australia

Halmatic 30 Rudder Rebuild Job Photos
"I would like to thank you for your support on my recent Trip to the Annapolis Area. You went well out of your way to provide the service and support to a stranger in need. Rosborough boats will highly recommend you to any of our owners in the Maryland and Virginia area or even those passing through as well. People like you are few and far between these days. Thank you again. "

Brian Trefry
Sales Manager Rosborough Boats
"A Company Built on Customer Referrals"
(902) 450-3262 Tel
(902) 450-1123 Fax
(902) 488-4642 Mobile
"Attention to detail and pride in his work must be Tommy's mantra. I have been boating for a long time but when it comes to topside restoration or damaged fiberglass I am inexperienced. Tommy took the time to thoroughly explain the damage and his process of restoration. All too often today we encounter poor service, missed deadlines, or those with only an interest in a quick dollar. Tommy Solomon is an exception to the norm. He is a true craftsman who enjoys his work and it shows in the finished product."

R. Douglas Wilson, CRPC
Vice President - Investments
Wealth Management Specialist

125 West Street, Suite 201
Annapolis, MD. 21401
Tommy: I cannot imagine a more pristine San Juan 21 in the history of this one design. You have restored her well beyond ‘better-than-new’ condition. Unseen in this project are the many aluminum and stainless backing plates, core replacements and beefier fastening hardware. Also unseen are the many details to which you attended that only a perfectionist can appreciate. Virtually every piece of hardware (i.e. the ports, the winches, the traveler) was perfectly dry fitted before it was properly bedded or re-bedded. She is now an extremely tight and stable platform for racing or cruising. All of the surfaces are nothing short of stunning. From the bottom barrier/paint, keel trunk glass repair to the gel coat restoration above the water line, it is all exceptional.

You also brought in the most appropriate ‘best-of-the-bay’ marine experts along the way to be sure she was restored correctly. All of them were excellent including Mike Spicer, the shipwright and rigger of Stem to Stern, Keith Gunther of GPS Marine, Mike & Sean Suckling of Litewoods Joinery, Ken Krasko of EMS and Christine Germann of Canvas Connections. The nightly e-mails with pictures and detailed notes of each day’s activities helped me better understand what you were up against every step along the way. It also helped me to appreciate why this experience was longer than expected. I will miss those pictures. You’ve performed a spectacular job on this boat. Thank you.


Marty Kooman, President & CEO
Kooman & Associates, Inc.

1981 San Juan 21 Mark II Racing Refit Job Photos
Tommy, the replacement of the swim platform and fiberglass repair on the boat was outstanding, all in a reasonably short time considering the coordinated logistics.

Phil Ross 38 Prusuit Swim Platform Damage

Your updates with photos and shared communications with factory at Tiara were informative, allowing me to feel like I was part of the repair as it unfolded before my eyes.

Thank you again for a job well done Tommy.

Phil Ross
Pursuit 38

38 Pursuit Swim Platform Damage Job Photos
"Actually got Tommy's # off of the side of his work truck. I was on my way back to the office when I received a phone call from a seller who had some fiberglass problems on his boat found at survey. I was behind Tommy's truck and called him, to my surprise his response was, "can we look at it now?" We went to the boat, he gave me an estimate in writing with photo's and explanations of how he would do the repair. I found him to be extremely prompt, professional and courteous. I submitted the estimate to the manufacturer who then granted me permission to have the repair done. Once I called Tommy, he gave me a date of completion, finished it early and left the boat cleaner than it was when he started the job! The really nice thing that Tommy does is explain why, how, the repair will be performed so that you have a complete understanding of what is going to happen. And it happens as he says!"

"I would recommend Tommy to anyone, anywhere. Myself, have been in the boat business for over 20 years and to find people who will do what they say, when they say…is difficult! Tommy is a man of integrity, professionalism and passion, truly. Tommy has done more work for me since and has met with me as a consultant with my customers to determine what course of action to take with regards to repairs."

"He is a man of his word and I highly recommend him once again."

Todd Juckett
Owner: Juckett & Russell Yacht Sales, Inc.
Tommy, our 4th of July family get together at the lake went very well. Relaxing, loads of fun, and wish I had more time here. Not surprised, you became a topic for conversation once a few quests noticed your cedar carving, which sets front & center above fireplace. What is interesting was my neighbor's astonishment to how well, his words just know, "How well a piece of wood can look".

Hand Carved Cedar #-11, Boiled Linseed Oil Rub

Quickly I began to explain how this was crafted explaining further, "Piece of wood?" Bill and I go back a great distance when he looked at me knowing I was about to begin with my sermons. Tommy, you had to be here, it was the most comical thing. Most had no consideration to your steps, which seemingly lifts grain from its surface! The bulb went off after I explained the use of all sand grit between 80 and 400, topped off with hand rubbed boiled linseed oil.

Later we pulled up your web site looking at all the different jobs. Next day I understand when he and Aubrie return home Bill jumped back on your site to continue his tour. Days later, we spoke by phone and did comment on how talented he thought you were. However, he was truly fascinated with the 3D drill bit Marlin Center Console piece you did. Bills a great friend and suggested he retire from the banking business and start working with his hands.

Ok Tommy, I need to get on with the day and wanted to send you a quick note of thanks.

All the best,

Deep Creek Lake, Md

Hand Carved Cedar #-11, Boiled Linseed Oil Rub
Latest experiences with Tommy Solomon Yacht Restoration have been undoubtedly excellent! Mr. Solomon performed two projects on my 37’ sport yacht. First was in 2013 after purchasing two large rear storage hatches. Fiberglass tabs broke from its mounts hatches hinged from in addition gelcoat on fiberglass ruined from the Florida sun with the added ghost lettering from the previous owner’s vinyl graphics. When Mr. Solomon returned hatches I was extremely surprised to see them in near new-like condition. Not only were the newly molded fiberglass tabs positioned perfectly, the new fiberglass work was flawless where there was no evidence of any repairs. No remnants of the ghost lettering with original gelcoat restored so well it made the rest of the gelcoat on my recently waxed boat; by another company, look duller than a 50 year old penny. I immediately asked Tommy if he could do the same to entire boat!

Subsequent to this positive experience I decided to give Tommy another opportunity multiple large spider cracks, broken sections of fiberglass on swim-platform which surrounded the entire outer edge. It seemed as if the previous owner used the swim platform as a feeler-gauge on when to stop. A large project for me at the time, I decided to get a second opinion as well. Tommy was competitively priced and therefore happy to have him work on my boat once again. This project of multiple days grinding back fiberglass around most of platforms outer edge, re-applying fiberglass, repairing cracked fiberglass, and finally re-applying gelcoat and wet-sanding, was labor intense. I visited Tommy throughout the project only to learn he was doing all of this while ill. I would have never known as he powered through and performed the work at 100% as if nothing was wrong. This man was dedicated and had his heart in the work he was and did perform. Again, I was amazed by the completed project. The swim-platform looked in new condition with no evidence of repairs, any repairs! Gelcoat was matched to the rest of the boat as well with the perfection I have come to expect from Tommy’s work.

2004 Maxum 3600-SY Repair During and After

After talking with Tommy on numerous occasions, I came to the understanding that he was a genuine self-made hard-working individual with years of experience not to mention a wealth of valuable information. Knowledge of his field of work he wouldn’t mind sharing with anyone who asked. When I first met Tommy, he stated someone once referred to his work as the "Michelangelo" of yacht repair. Honestly, I thought of this statement as just as a pitch. However, after the project was completed, I was now the one telling my boating friends looking for repairs to go to "Michelangelo" himself.

Tommy is genuinely a master of his craft and I am content in spending my hard earned money on the high quality work performed by an expert in his field.

Best Regards,

Ryan Alavi

2004 Maxum 3600-SY "Shaken Knot Stirred" Repair Job Photos

Thank you for the outstanding job you did with repairing my Starboard™ SUP. I was not sure that getting it repaired made sense and if it would be quite obvious once done. Your knowledge of working with these mediums and your passion for a quality repair shined through on this job! I have now used the board a couple times and it is just like prior to the damage.

Starboard SUP Repair During and After

I got to tell you it is quite fun trying to explain to others, that saw the board before and after the damage, where the break was and how you repaired it. I get some of the most amazing looks on others faces because the work you did truly is outstanding and very hard to distinguish. To that end the next question out of everyone's mouth is who fixed it and I am happy to say your name. Thanks again for the work you did and the effort you put forth to get me back on my board. Best wishes for the future and feel free to use my name should anyone want to discuss your quality craftsmanship with a past client.


Starboard SUP Logo David Sheggrud
CTS, DMC-D, EAVA, Director- Mid-Atlantic Region
Office: 301-577-7610
Mobile: 202-365-7618
Tritech Communications
9730 Martin Luther King Hwy Suite O Lanham, MD 20706

Starboard™ 11'2" X 30" X 4.3" X 174 SUP Repair Job Photos
I bought an Allied 30 "Chance" as a project boat in the spring of 2013 and got in a bit over my head with some of the repairs. The rudder was frozen and a portion of the skeg needed to be cut away in able to drop the rudder and remove old corroded hardware. I cut the sections out and proceeded with repairs but was appalled at the amount of fiberglass that needed to be cut off and I had no good plan for repairing it.

Tommy Fiberglass Sanding Tommy came through in the clutch and not only did he fix the fiberglass on the skeg so that it looks like new, he also repaired the leading edge of the rudder which had a long crack along the shaft leading length. Amazed I was with the fit and finish of everything when it went back together. Now I have a solid rudder I can rely on to steer me for years to come!

Rare it is to find someone as dedicated to a profession as Tommy Solomon who knows his stuff and does it well! Tommy is truly a perfectionist in his work treating my boat with the utmost care. He allowed me to feel as though I was never out of the loop keeping me informed every step of the way all while keeping cost well within my budget.

Served in the Marine Corps and working with the Department of Defense ten plus years never have I come across another prior service member who had a higher degree of work ethic than Tommy Solomon. Truly, brilliant.

Pete Fearing
Sgt., USMC
U.S. Marine Corps
Thanks Tommy for the customer feedback section of your website!

I brought Tommy the first boat I ever owned, Phantom 14 the boat I learned to sail on and the first boat I ever raced. I've used the boat a lot - it was scratched, had hit some docks and had been wet sanded too many times - not to mention some of my amateur efforts to repair things. Financially, it was a dumb project (I might have just bought a new boat) and Tommy gently pointed this out to me. But I really enjoy that boat and somewhat emotionally attached and was happy Tommy decided to take on the project. Tommy sensed my interest and invited me to help him the day I ran it down in my pickup. For me it turned into a fantastic experience. Tommy is one-of-a-kind, he barely sleeps, could probably teach a course in the chemistry of fiberglass, and shows "un-fakeable passion" for making a boat beautiful again. Tommy holds himself to a high standard of excellence and was honest and more than fair in his business dealings with me. He sent regular emails detailing his progress and thoughts about the project. I'm really pleased with the work he did for me and happy about the experience and outcome, too.

Phantom 14 Repair Marc Steckel
Phantom 14
Hull #HBY03838M79K, Sail #3838

Phantom 14 Job Photos

I was able to go down and check her out last Friday. My brothers have also seen her and we all agree it could not look any better. Both the texture and color are identical to the rest of the boat. No one would ever know any work had been done.

My brother Mike and I both agreed that using emails which contain a discussion of what you are doing, and why, along with pictures of work in progress allowed us to know what you were doing each day. Moreover, how you were doing it without having to drive for two hours to take a look. Everyone should do this especially when the client doesn’t live around the corner. Pictures plainly convey you are not afraid to show the client how the repair is being done and to the high degree of expertise you possess.

Also thanks for the work you did on the prop and the information about what to do in the future. You can certainly use us for a reference if the need arises. We will look at what we want to do with the rest of the decking in this offseason. Hunter 37.5 Repair

Thanks for all your hard work!

Jay Schneider
Hunter 37.5 "Just Wastin Time"
M 610-220-1456
O 610-524-3251

Hunter 37.5 Wet Core Job Photos
Standup Paddleboard Repair Tommy,

Thanks for the excellent repair you recently did to my standup paddleboard. I was impressed with the high quality, timely work you did on my board. I'm happy to refer other paddlers to you for repair work on their SUPs.

Colleen Rooney

SUP Paddleboard 808 Repair Job Photos
Tommy, looking good and thanks for the fascinating update pictures every evening, nice touch and much appreciated! I’m thrilled with your work and only wish I had the time to hang with you guys all day yesterday. I would have learned so much. Feel free to use me as a reference whenever you wish.

I like how you put your website address on the pictures’that will serve as good advertising when I post to FB. Thanks again for sending update pictures.

Regards, David Mackenzie

37 Rinker 342 Wet Core Repair

David Mackenzie
Global Operations Lead
Industries & Market Innovation
Growth & Strategy
Office: (+1) 410 571-5271
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37 Rinker 342 Wet Core Repair
July 27, 2011

Mr. Tommy Solomon

I live in the Chicago metro area and recently made an offer on an Allied 42 yawl. Using the power of the Internet I typed in Allied 42 XL and up came Tommy Solomon’s website. I viewed in amazement the restoration job you performed on the 1976 Allied yawl "Shade". I have gone back several times to look at the photos and the last three show the lady at her finest! Too often in this crazy world we are quick to criticize and complain. This is why I thought I would shoot this email off to you saying you are a good man.

My complements to the chef, more appropriately "The Maestro"! I am always amazed at the talents the almighty has placed in the hands of a few certain people. Your talents and skills are very evident in the final product. More importantly I get the impression you truly love what you do. Hopefully in the future I will need your divine guidance and will haul your fanny to the Chicago area.

Dave Albers
Long Beach, Indiana

AFS Company - AFS. It just makes good cents.
PO Box 1040
Three Cadence Park Plaza
Michigan City, IN 46361-1040
Phone: 219-878-2634 extension 2634
Fax: 219-878-2617
Robert J. Adams
Chairman Adams Chevrolet

November 17, 2010

Mr. Tommy Solomon
Solomon Yacht Repair
P.O. Box 1177
Edgewater, MD 21037

Dear Tommy,
I have been around the auto and marine business for a long time and it is rare to find a person with the dedication to their profession like you have. Thanks for the great job on "Sundowner". I was impressed and I appreciate the care and professionalism with which you approached, repaired, and completed the job. Also, your follow-up reports and photos made me feel like I was there with you. Thanks again for a great job.
Very truly yours,

Actual Letter
December 24, 2009
Dear Mr. Solomon,

I want to extend to you my deep thanks and gratitude for helping the Anne Arundel Medical Center staff with transportation to work and back home during our resent blizzard. As you are more than aware, our hospital is a 24/7, 365-day operation; we simply can’t have "down time", even when we are at the mercy of the elements.

Your generous contribution of your time during challenging travel conditions enabled us to continue to provide our patients with the excellent, high-quality care for which we are so well known. Our entire staff is grateful for your assistance.

Best wishes to you and your Family for a wonderful Holiday Season and happy 2010.

Victoria W. "Tori" Bayless
President and COO
Anne Arundel Medical Center
Dear Tommy -

You are the ultimate craftsman! The repairs on the fiberglass deck on our boat exceed our expectations. It is impossible to detect the area that was repaired. Not only did you perform miracles fixing the deck, but you did it in a timely manner, even coming out on a Sunday afternoon to finish the job. You left the boat sparkling clean, and we truly appreciate going above and beyond the call of duty cleaning the vinyl seats with your special treatment. In addition, the maintenance tips you provided were outstanding and could only come from a seasoned pro like yourself. You are #1 in our book!

Eric M. & Deanna Zagin
28 Pursuit "IN PURSUIT"

Please include me with your list of satisfied customers!

My boat, a 1984 Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40, needed a major bottom repair. My boat spends most of its time in the water with very few winter haul outs. As a result, the twenty five year old bottom couldn't resist absorbing some moisture. Tommy looked at the bottom, took many moisture readings, he then prepared a repair proposal.

Tommy peeled the bottom of my boat until he reached a solid foundation for the new glass to bond. That required two passes with the peeler. This was done towards the end of November into December. Although Tommy reached dry glass, as a result of a very cold winter and a very wet spring, the lay up did not commence until the middle of May. Tommy then laid up two layers of DBM 1708 and finished with a barrier coat.

Tommy was great at keeping me informed throughout the entire job, (holding my hand). He encouraged me to stop by the boat at each stage of the process to review the work. Tommy also, and this is important, kept to his original price!

I am confident that my boat is better than new and will serve me and my family for many more enjoyable years on the water.

Thank you for a great job,

Ben Pope
40'3" Jeannuea Sun fizz
(443) 223-7554
"I heartily recommend Solomon Yacht Restoration, LLC for those seeking uncompromising craftsmanship and the highest quality professional business management.

In late 2007, Tommy took on a very difficult assignment to repair both wings on the keel of our 31 foot sloop as well as some very challenging gel-coat work. Despite many days of cold and uncooperative weather, Tommy repaired the lead wings to perfect condition and completed the keel with an impressive final paint job.

He is a "gel-coat magician" as his repairs are so well done that it is almost impossible to detect the area was ever repaired; the colors match perfectly. Inside the cabin, the fiberglass sole had an 8-inch long crack and gouge of unknown origin. Tommy repaired the sole and matched the color perfectly. This work was incredible and was a complete surprise that it could look so neat.

Tommy maintains continuous communication with his clients by cell phone, e-mail and photos attached to his e-mails. You don’t have to guess what he is doing nor how the project is developing. He presents the project in photo stages…so you see the work from beginning to end. He uses only the best materials and is dependable, punctual and keeps his clients informed."

Gary Billick
Lieutenant Colonel, Army Special Forces, ret.

Lead Wing Keel straightened after grounding Job Photos
"Tommy, I wanted to thank you again for the repair work completed on my Hunter 34. You exceeded all expectations for timeliness, quality, and were just overall extremely pleasant to work with. If I can ever be of help with a referral, please direct any potential clients my way."

Chris Glander
(860) 908 8953 - cell
(703) 646 5162 - home
(202) 372 3518 - work
"Tommy, the work looks fantastic. I really appreciate the prompt communication and follow-up. Your services came highly recommended and I can certainly confirm that. I will let the folks at Northrop and Johnson Yacht Brokerage know that you ARE the person to recommend in the Annapolis area!"

George J. Worley
Booz Allen Hamilton
AF/A8PL, 703-693-1626
"Tommy Solomon is first and foremost a craftsman. He knows wood, glass, he knows tools, and he knows boats. His work is topflight in every category, and he is prompt, honest, and fun to work with. I recommend him highly."

William C. Baker
President, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
"Please excuse the delay in sending this letter to thank you for your help in the United States Sailboat Show last month."

"Your workmanship and skills helped to make our varnish display panels flawless and many boat owners commented about the finish. I would like to wish you continued success in the application of our products and in your yacht service business and I trust you will contact me if I can be of service."

Stephen C. Smith
"When my "Pride and Joy" a 37' sloop suffered severe storm damage to the transom, I needed help and help fast. I found Tommy's mobile ad in the Nor'Easter Magazine and gave him a call. He arrived at the appointed time and place, quoted a price, and started the work when promised. It was completed on time, and looked great. Better than the original gelcoat. Nice Job. I'd recommend him to anyone needing repairs to their boats."

Daniel J Tonner
Princeton Consultants
Network Administrator
609-987-8787 x 205
"Tommy's work is exquisite! Very thorough, professional and efficient. It was exciting to watch him bring the craft to her final stages of completion."

Denny Meyers
Eastport, MD
Skipper, GRACE
26' Sailmaster
"Due to the selling of my boat, marine survey indicated excessive water and one soft spot on hull. Work includes full examination of hull to determine extent of water damage. Tommy appeared to have extensive knowledge and experience in performing the scope of work. Tommy and I never met. All business was conducted over the phone and via e-mail. My boat broker highly recommended him for his level of expertise and ethical business practices. Under different circumstances I would have accompanied him to my boat, but I could not do so. He began the work very promptly and met a tight time frame which I was under in terms of launching the boat. His price seemed fair for the work performed. He was very courteous and even called to thank me for such prompt payment for services rendered."

Eileen P. Skidmore
County Grants Office Md.
"I found Tommy aboard a boat he had been working on for some time. I watched him work day in day out for weeks and admired his diligence. When calling on Tommy for my own concerns, not only was I fully informed to what work was needed, I was more than satisfied with his workmanship and end product. The interesting thing is Tommy's approach to the problem and his workable solutions. Both my wife and I thank you Tommy."

Herbert & Linda Patrick
Norfolk Va.
"Realin" 46 Sport Fish
"Tommy I found driving up the road one afternoon in Long Beach Island New Jersey. His name and number on the side of his truck, so I called his mobile number. We pulled over and talked as he explained he was on vacation here on the Island where he once lived. After I explained the problem, he said, "what the hell" and came over and looked at my boat. As it turns out, much less work was required than I had been told. Tommy offered to help and we started two mornings later laying up 1208 knitted glass over cracks on the hulls inside from hitting a pile. Tommy set up and ground back damaged gelcoat on the out side and began to fill with gelcoat. He sanded off area and sprayed a cosmetic coat of gel-coat, wet sanded and buffed back to an absolute shine. $650.00 later, I was back on the water, which is about $800.00 less than I was quoted a week earlier. Its been three years now and she still looks better than the rest of the boat. Tommy, thanks a bunch pal."

Brian Middleton
Beach Haven N.J.
"Tommy and I have been friends for many years as we attended Randolph Macon Military Academy of Front Royal Virginia together back in the mid 70's. Then, he was always paying attention to detail where most overlooked. Invited Tommy aboard my vessel a few times for more than just enjoyment aboard. As a trusted adviser, not only his company I find enjoyable, a sense of respect for his craft as he still pays close attention to detail. It seems as if his detailed eye has become sharper with time, but…what would one expect to say about a long time friend. In my honest opinion, he truly is a pure craftsman at his trade".

Bruce D. Palmer
Riverside, New Jersey.
"In 1997 I was in Oceana buying Awl-Grip paint for the third time when Tommy overheard me asking for help. Little did I know of the education I was about to learn. I own a 52 Ketch Rigged Island Roamer, one of five of this particular model. It seems this tip & roll process was a bit beyond my range of eye, hand coordination. So after talking with Tommy for an hour or so, I made an appointment for him to come down and take a look. Once aboard, he quickly knew the problem and how best to correct this mess. Awl-Grip Paints are wonderful, but very temperature sensitive obviously for the professional. So Tommy applied the paint using the Tip & Roll method due to keeping the environment free of V.O.C.s.(Volatile Organic Compounds) When finished, I was struck at how well she looked. Thank you Tommy."

Robert Woodward
Broomes Island, Maryland.
"In April '04 I contacted Tommy Solomon Yacht Repair & Restoration to review work required on a 'Survey condemned' bottom side of my newly acquired 1983 Tayana 37. Tommy Solomon's response, to view the job was immediate; he provided a detailed description of the work required to make the repair. Tommy advised when he would be available to start the job, and ultimately the work began as scheduled."

"During the work, he provided me with regular email / photo progress reports (I live in Ontario, Canada; the boat was in Annapolis, Maryland ) The bottom was literally peeled of it's deteriorated gel coating, and multiple coatings of new barrier coat, followed by anti-fouling. I am very satisfied with the finished work, the process to get there, and the manner in which the business was handled."

Ed Close
Guelph, Ontario Canada

Tayana 37 Wet Deck Re-Core Job Photos
"I've had the privilege of knowing Tommy Solomon beginning in May of 1996. Tommy and his honest approach to the job as well as his customer is something we have all sought after at one point or another. Fair man, articulate as they come never leaving you wonder about his approach, communicates well! Tommy’s outstanding work has over time reverberated throughout the business community as a thorough individual with that not often seen eye. Tommy has proven himself and his credibility with me and the company I represent, 3M, among many in the industry as a man able to find solutions to just about every problem. Tommy has attended many 3M seminars and has been certified on the 3M Finish First Finishing Systems. When meeting Tommy in 1996 at Oceana, a marine wholesale faculty in Annapolis, I knew something good was going to come from this man. As time passed, I could see Tommy was as they say in my neck of the woods…a rare bird! Tommy Solomon is a fine man, one you can be proud to be associated with. Very proud to know him personally in a business setting as well as a personal friend. Gods speed Tommy"

Bob Boyd
Account Executive, North East
Marine and Specialty Division
3M Company
"Tommy brings a different level of professionalism to his industry. I will tell anyone this. Great Job! Thanks for your assistance Tommy."

Bruce Rubin
Annapolis Md.
"You don´t know me, but I had to write this letter of thanks to you for helping my Daughter (Tiffany) and her Family on Christmas Eve 2005 in the wee hours of the morning, (2:30). Her truck broke down at a rest stop on I-95, on her way from Florida, to Virginia, for the Holidays."

"You were, (Thank Heaven), at the same rest area, & offered to drive them to the nearest exit & find a hotel room for the rest of the night, you went beyond helpful. You paid for the room and was so relieved when she called to say they were in a room, safe. It was very cold that night & I was worried about them, being stuck out in it with the children."

"I asked if she got your name, & she said only your first name as you wished them a Merry Christmas and walked away. Well, I am very resourceful & managed to get your name from the hotel staff. They as I, did not think this act of kindness should go unnoticed. I called you & offered to pay you back, but you said, no. So please, accept my humble thanks for being my daughters Guardian Angle on this Christmas Eve. I just wished there were more people like you in the world today."

"May you be blessed in everything you set out to do in life Tommy."

Becky Clary, Technical Writer
Signal Solutions, Inc.
General Dynamics Network Systems
4600 Village Avenue
Norfolk, VA. 23502
Office: (757) 852-3760 X 7483
Fax: (757) 852-3772
Cell: (909) 838-8239

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